Valdés Bio

Born in La Havana, on February 12, 1965, I tried to study Philosophy in the University, but young communist militants had the priority and therefore, I lost my place. I went to work with my father then to Matanzas and joined the young communist party.
In 1985 I came back to La Havana and worked in Gramma-newspaper until I had to accomplish with the military service.

During the military service, starts my political rupture with the Cuban regime, removing my act in the young communist party. I finished the military service in 1989 and in 1991 I start in the Cuban opposition within the Liberal Group, called Criterio Alternativo. This organization continued its activities until 1996, when it became the Cuban Liberal-Democratic Party. Six month after its creation, the board meeting elected me as president of the party, until March 2003, when I was arrested during the wave of prosecutions made by Castro’s dictatorship.

With the efforts of all members, the organization became stronger. I integrated in the party the Varela’s Project Committee, initiative of the Christian Liberation Movement, a demo-Christian organization. I participated in numerous meetings during this period,
among them, with important politicians in their visit to Cuba, like Vicente Fox (President of Mexico at that time), former US president Jimmy Carter and several Ministers and Vice-ministers of foreign affairs.

On November 30, 2004, together with other politicians, I was liberated with an extra-criminal license. On September 29, 2005 I leave Cuba as a politician-refugee in Sweden, where I live now. In Sweden I am a member of the Association “Misceláneas de Cuba”, which is an organization of exiled Cubans. We now publish a magazine with the same name and a web page. In the review, I am member of the editorial board and policy annalist.