More Messages Welcome

All former Prisoners of Conscience are cordially invited to send us their own messages.

They should be written and spoken by yourself. In any language with which you are familiar. We shall be happy to receive more than one contribution from you.

Please keep in mind that your message should only reflect what you yourself would have liked to hear when you were incarcerated. It should give the prisoners confidence, consolation, strength, patience. Your words must not encourage rebellion, force, resistance. Just consolation please.

You may give your name and where and why and how long you had to suffer, but please do not name dictators, wardens, torturers, camps etc. Otherwise we cannot publish your message for obvious legal reasons.

The message should start with a precise sentence giving Name, Nationality, Time in Prison, "Crime". Thereafter 3 minutes (2-4 minutes) giving your message, recorded in .WAV - MP3 is also possible and welcome. You may email to us info(at)radio-humanity(dot)com

or send your DVD to

Peter E. Mueller
Glueckaufstr. 12
30974 Wennigsen

And please do not forget to tell your friends of Radio Humanity so that they may contribute their message too.